Location: Central Harbourfront, Hong Kong
Client: Clockenflap / MagneticAsia

Clockenflap is the biggest music and arts festival that takes place along the waterfront in the centre of Hong Kong. Each year, the festival initiates an open call for art installations in response to a particular theme. For 2018, it is “Sensoria”.

Our chosen proposal, the PERI-PERISCOPE, brings in everything Clockenflap has to offer into one airy little hub. From its center, visitors are drawn into a surreal and amplified amalgamation of all the dazzling lights and visuals across the festive Central Harbourfront.

Given limited time and space for on-site construction, puLP devised seven modules that were pre-fabricated over four weeks by MakerBay at its expansive Tsuen Wan studio, and later transported to site for a swift installation.

Following a fantastic three-day weekend of festivities, the PERI-PERISCOPE was then dissembled and donated to be reincarnated as exhibition infrastructure for the 2018 Hong Kong North District Flower Bird Insect and Fish Show.