The Hong Kong House at Echigo-Tsumari Triennial

Location: Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Client: Art Promotion Office, Hong Kong

The eponymous modern art festival is held in the Niigata Prefecture in Japan, a snowy region in the winter. Echigo-Tsumari’s rich landscape of dense forests and rivers provide the perfect backdrop for an art festival with a mission of reconnecting people to place-specific art and installation.

The open call for designs of Hong Kong House, an artists’ residence and exhibition space, was jointly organised by the Art Promotion Office of Hong Kong and the festival’s organisers. The house is to be both a residence and platform for artists to engage with the local community in their work.

The lifted front facade of the house preserves the privacy of the upper level where artists reside, but still allows adequate daylight in and views out of the house.

The two entrances into the house, private and public, are at opposite corners. The artists’ entry takes them immediately up the staircase to the living quarters, whereas the public entrance positions visitors from the narrower end of the gallery where the reception sits. An expansive view of the landscape beyond greets them at the far end of the space.